Afternoon tea at the George V Four Seasons Paris

Afternoon tea at the George V Four Seasons Paris


The idea started during Christmas when I was deciding what to get my sister. We like to buy eachother experiences rather than an actual item, so I tried to rack my brain. Knowing that we had an upcoming trip to Paris I decided to try and get us in to the Ritz. After finding out the place was entirely closed for a refurb I had a slight melt down – but after a little search I found an even better alternative – the Four Seasons based just off the Champs-Êlysées.


The two of us left the rest of the gang and headed off excited to see what the place would be like. It is very easy to find, but to make things easier, it is just down the street that Louis Vuitton corners.


In some hotels as fancy as this one I sometimes get an uneasy feeling that the staff aren’t too pleased you have come in for a little visit, but as soon as we stepped inside the front door we were greeted so warmly.


The reception area is so impressive – the flowers are beautiful and they alternate large sculptures throughout the year.

We missed the Christmas display…


However, we were more than happy to see these cuddly fellows..



After we were done playing around with these guys, we headed down to La Galerie for our afternoon tea booking. Before I even got near, a member of staff came up to ask my surname – once I told her she began to call me by my first name (she obviously has every booking memorised, but it was such a lovely touch). She led us to our table in the most beautiful lounge. I tried not to blow my cover and take my camera out so I have borrowed this from their website..


This is exactly what it looked like when we arrived, just with a lot more people!


We were seated beside the pianist who was exceptionally brilliant and even played a few songs from titanic.



After a quick look through the menu we ordered the ‘celebration afternoon tea’ and had a selection of green teas placed in front of us.


The Japanese tea was the clear favourite so our very attentive waiter kept them coming throughout our entire visit.

56 57

The food was far better than I expected from afternoon tea after many disappointing experiences before, but I was very impressed. Every part of it from the sandwiches to the macarons, to the pastries and scones were delicious and the two of us ate every last bit.

But if afternoon tea isn’t your thing, I would definitely advise you to come regardless. The place is just very special and being there was one of the highlights of our trip.




We really wanted to try the bar as well but by the time we were done with our afternoon tea we were late for our dinner reservations, now I have an excuse to come back..


Before we left we couldn’t resist a little nosey around and ended up in the garden..



The garden surrounds the hotels two michelin star restaurant Le Cinq. We nearly thought about staying for our meal but after receiving the valentine day menu in our bill we realised that certainly won’t be happening any time soon… just a cool 650 eur per person. We might come back for breakfast though, it seems a great deal more reasonable.

Birthday dinner at Kong – Paris.

Birthday dinner at Kong – Paris.


To celebrate my birthday we decided to go somewhere extra special during our trip to Paris. I am a huge Sex and the City fan and as soon as I went on to the website I recognised the restaurant from one of the episodes.


It is a two story restaurant on the top of a really beautiful building beside the Louis Vuitton headquarters. I had read the reviews on tripadvisor and time and time again comments along the lines of ‘rude staff’ ‘bad service’ etc appeared. It did make me a little concerned but I wanted to see it for myself so we got a last minute booking and headed on our way.


When we first arrived we were greeted by what I can only imagine are part time supermodels. All of the staff look like they have just come off the runway. I was nervous that they would be rude and start the night off on a bad foot. However, I decided to be as friendly as possible and it was completely reciprocated.


We were told our table was ready – but as I guessed – they tried to seat us on the bottom floor.

It is beautiful, really really lovely – but it wasn’t what we came for.


I asked if we could wait for a table upstairs and the waitress was only too happy to let us have a drink at the bar while we waited for another table to finish – jackpot!



We ordered our gin and tonics and before we had even ‘cheersed’ our table was ready.


We got the most amazing table in the restaurant, so as you do we all start snapping away.



Some of the neighbours caught me playing camera man. 27

The atmosphere was really relaxed and enjoyable – everyone seemed to be out to have a really special time.

After a quick nosey at the menu we ordered shrimp rolls, kobe beef and truffle risotto.


It is VERY difficult to get a decent photograph in a very dark room with solely an iphone so I do understand these don’t look incredibly appetising.

But the food and the wine were both fantastic.

As it was my birthday, I also got an extra special treat (which everyone took part in devouring).


They were pretty much hot chocolate spring rolls that you dipped into further melted chocolate and whipped cream. I am so hungry even thinking about them – order a set!

If you are planning a trip to Paris I would definitely recommend Kong. As long as you are friendly and easy going about a little wait here and there the staff will be exceptionally lovely in return.


The food, the service, the atmosphere, the views and the music were all brilliant and we had no complaints. (No, seriously..the music was amazing)


We even got a few minutes at the end to take even MORE photos, seriously – have your mobile/camera charged!


Café de Flore, Paris.

Café de Flore, Paris.


For anyone reading this that isn’t aware of Café de Flore – it is pretty much a coffee filled playground for the rich and beautiful Parisians that seem to do very little work on a week day.

Do you ever get a place that you just think ‘this would be so wonderful at Christmas time. Oh it would actually be pretty great during summer. Hmm.. though, in autumn..’ Ok fine, you get the point. Luckily for us we got to visit while the sun was splitting the sky.


It was ice cold outside but once the sun poked it’s head out between the buildings it would warm you up like a little water bottle. Even the dogs couldn’t resist a little sunbathe.


Café de Flore is seriously dog friendly – you will see many adorable pups relaxing with their owners.


Wrapped up in coats and scarves, but with our sunglasses firmly in place, we arrived excited. We have been a few times before so we knew what to expect and exactly what to order.


There is an inside restaurant, an ‘inner outside’ seating area (the equivalent of being inside a conservatory) and finally, outside seating for the brave, the smokers and the lucky ones when it’s a hot summers day.

It is all down to your personal preference but we love the inny outty area. As with a lot of places they instantly recognise a tourist and try to give you a less demanded seat (usually upstairs) but we stuck to our guns and the maitre d’ was only too pleased to show us to a lovely spot.


It can be on the pricey side but everything is very, very special and I would highly recommend it even just for the experience. We ordered our usual – a round of cafe creme, green tea, croissants and toast. After a second wind I managed to build up the strength to order ‘bread and butter’ also. What a great decision that was.




I unfortunately was too hungry to take a photo of the rest but I did manage a quick snap of my bread before I hoovered it down.



Honestly : the food, the drink, the service and the atmosphere are all faultless. It is all the little touches that make this place really special. But there is an extra treat..

The people watching.



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